DNC wrap up

I’ve been back for a little over a week now and have had some time to reflect on the opportunity to attend the Convention and on the whole experience in general.

The Washington Center had acquired community credentials for President Obama’s acceptance speech, but when the speech got moved due to weather, the community credentials became invalid, since the Time Warner Cable Arena only holds around 20,000 while the Bank of America Stadium holds around 75,000.

This disappointment was quickly erased though, since I was given credentials to attend the convention Wednesday night, the night that Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others spoke.

Here’s a picture of two different types of community credentials

Community Credentials

I still can’t believe I got to hear Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Bill Clinton speak.

Following are some pictures from that night (as you can see I was in the nosebleeds)

Bill Clinton and the crowd:

me at the DNC

I feel incredibly grateful and honored to have attended the Democratic National Convention. I learned a significant amount through the amazing speakers we had, the National Journal events I attended and my fieldwork. I found this program to extremely enjoyable and it helped me to learn a great deal about myself and the political process. I hope to keep in touch with those in my small group, the TWC students in general, and those whose business cards I received.

I’d like to thank Emmanuel for sponsoring me, The Washington Center for putting on an amazing program and the Massachusetts Democrats for letting me do fieldwork.

P.S.- If you are at Emmanuel, I will be speaking about my experience on Tuesday the 18th in the glass room of the Yawkey Center from 12:00-1:30 PM.

If you missed any of my posts about the DNC, you can view them here.



  1. Kate Morency · · Reply

    Your post is great!! Good job.

  2. Patricia Sullivan Talty · · Reply

    What a wonderful experience! I hope you’re fired up for big wins for Democrats this year.

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